Ramen Nagi in Palo Alto

Ramen Nagi is a new comer to the Palo Alto Area.  Opening a few weeks ago, the chain is bringing some much needed ramen to Sillicon Valley.  I showed up on a Monday at lunch time and there was already a line of ramen enthusiast waiting to get in.

They give you an order sheet so you can customize your bowl any way you want it.  I like when places do that.  Then you can keep records of what you order and can make changes easily on your next visit.  One thing that makes this place unique is that they are always doing limited bowls. These limited bowls are called “Limited King” . They’ve produce over 1000 limited varieties.

I got the original king with firm thick noodles.  No extra spice and added an egg.  I added the kakuni instead of the chashu just to change it up.  The broth was a creamy tonkotsu that went down really easy.

On the web @ http://ramennagiusa.com/