Hinodeya in San Francisco

This was a place that several of my ramen nerd associates recommended that I check out when I visited SF. They specifically recommended because of it’s traditional dashi.

I ordered the house ramen “Hinodeya Ramen”.  It’s traditional Japanese dashi soup. Whole wheat noodles made from bonito, kombu, and scallops. The toppings are chashu pork, menma, soft boiled egg, dried seaweed, green onion, seasame seeds and red pepper.  The noodles are uniquely flat.  This bowl was really amazing. It was really light but super flavorful. It really hit the spot.  If you want something other than tonkotsu, this is the place.

On the web @ http://hinodeyaramen.com/

Located @ 1737 Buchanan Street, San Francisco CA