Chashu Nagoya Mazesoba @ Menya Hanabi in Arcadia CA

Menya Hanabi is bringing soupless ramen to eastern Los Angeles. Their grand opening was July 28th. I recommend that you check this place out. It’s one of the few places in which it’s soul focus is soupless noodles. Perfect for a hot day in Los Angeles.

Hanabi means “fireworks” in Japanese. This means that when you bite into those bowls that you will experience a flavor explosion. It’s true. What I ordered was really flavorful.

From the outside – smaller line now, but people still waiting outside on this hot summer day in East LA.

The noodles are long, flat, and chewy. Perfect for mixing the fish powder, spicy minced pork, green onions, chives, seaweed, garlic and raw egg. You can get this with a poached egg if raw egg isn’t for you. You can also make this spicy or not.

This is their standard bowl.

This is the Chashu mazemen. You can see the extra square cuts of chahsu on the left. Also, my wife didn’t want all her garlic, so I have an extra scoop of that.
If this doesn’t make you hungry, I don’t know what would
After you mix all the ingredients, this what you get.
Your noodles are covered in all those delicious ingredients.
After you are done with your noodles you’ll have some of the pork and sauce left over. Ask them for a bowl of rice to mop it all up in your spoon to clean the bowl.
crushed it