Seafood Ramen @ Ichimi in Coral Gables Florida

When you think of south Florida the humidity, South Beach, Cuban food, and hurricanes. Ramen is probably not what you think of. But, on a recent trip to Miami I discovered a place in Coral Gables that has hit the mark on some seafood ramen.

When I first looked at the menu the most expensive this place has is a $24 bowl of seafood ramen. When I saw that I said “WTF”!? That’s crazy to pay that much for ramen. But when I asked the server if it’s good he said “you won’t be disappointed.” I also figured that since we are near the water in Florida, the seafood would be top notch. And when I think about the price of this ramen, it makes sense why it’s so expensive. It’s the shrimp, mussels, and oysters that contribute to this lofty price. I’m a firm believer that cheap seafood is not good. Better to pay up for top notch sea creatures. With that in mind I ordered. In addition to my seafood ramen my wife ordered the tonkotsu and we shared the scallion pancakes. The scallion pancakes were amazing. Really crispy and served with sour cream. The tonkotsu was just ok. Being that I have so many good ramen options in Los Angeles, I found the tonkotsu underwhelming.

On the web @

From the outside

Many things to choose from on the menu.

Lots of drink options.

These scallion pancakes were awesome.

The seafood ramen. It was so good.

The tonkotsu in the back, seafood in the front.


Done here. The broth had all that delicious flavor from all the seafood.

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