Ramen Menma Basso Drillman in Oceanside

I was invited to a soft opening for a new ramen shop in Oceanside CA. Oceanside isn’t the first place you’d think a ramen shop would work.  But, I think it will work. Especially for those folks who have spent all day surfing just down the street. A bowl of noodles will hit the spot. The lead chef is the guy behind Basso Drillman in Japan and as garnered several awards from Michelin. On this visit, I went with their soup less option.

The Aburasso Deluxe comes with chashu pork that is prepared for over 8 hours and comes out wonderfully “medium rare”. I think this is what sets this place apart from others. I’ve never had any other “medium rare” pork at any other shop. It’s also comes with sweet soy/dashi flavored egg that has a soft center.  Finally it’s topped with cabbage, green onion, and bamboo.  There was a hint of spice and it was served with a side of green jalapeno Tobasco. The noodles were really hearty and had a touch of sesame oil on them.


On the web @ http://www.drill-man.com/menu.html#tuke

Located @  509 Mission Avenue, Oceanside, CA 92054



The menu is simple on this day. They were only offering three different types of ramen.

The man behind it all. Notice the Michelin awards? He is legit.  I also made him smile in my video below. Check it out.

My wife ordered the shoyu ramen.

The Aburasso Deluxe

Look at that medium rare meat.. So good.

Look at the medium rare pork. So good.

The noodles

Check out the video


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